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Parrots Nature

Parrots Nature Seed crackers "Champion", 10 pieces

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Product no.: PNSN0001-10
Manufacturer: Parrots Nature
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Parrots Nature

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    The Parrots Nature seed crackers "Champion" are a real treat for your parakeet and parrot, but also rodents such as dwarf rabbits, degus and hamsters love these cookies. An absolute nibbling fun.

    The baked seed crackers contain many healthy ingredients and are very tasty.

    Unwrap, hand to the pet and enjoy.

    The seed mixture used is a replica of the successful Witte Molen Grand Parakeet Prima mixture, which has been offered in a different composition since 2011. However, many bird owners still swear by the original feed mix before the change. Although striped sunflower seeds are also included, the fat content of this feed mixture is less than 10%, which makes it excellent as a basic feed for, for example, goat parakeets. In addition to this seed mixture, we add some honey as well as a little organic whole spelt flour to achieve an optimal hold of the crackers.

    Millet (yellow), wheat, millet (white), cardi seeds, canary seed, sunflower seeds striped, milo grain, Dari (white), oat kernels, buckwheat, oats (hulled), sunflower seeds (white), paddy rough rice, millet (red), hemp seeds, honey, whole spelt flour.

    Analytical components:
    Crude protein: 11,6 %
    Crude fat: 8,4 %
    Crude fiber: 11,1 %
    Crude ash: 3,1 %
    Water: 11,8 %
    Calcium: 0,36 g/kg
    Phosphorus: 2,8 g/kg
    Sodium: 0,053 g/kg

    From own manufacture

    Very good quality and varied composition. Low-fat snacks for parrots, macaws, amazons and cockatoos, which have a medium calorie requirement. But is also gladly accepted by rodents such as degus, hamsters, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits, rats and mice.

    In Parrots Nature rodent and parrot bakery is baked fresh for you every week. This means that the snacks you order are guaranteed to be freshly prepared for you every time - for maximum shelf life.

    Content: 10 pieces (each approx. 22g)

This Product was added to our catalogue on 01/11/2021.

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